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2 hens and a rooster will give you 2 eggs a day for most of each year
if you get multi-pu7rpose chickens youll also get meat
best bet is 6 straight run chicks, brood them up and watch them
keep the dominant rooster, eat the rest
watch your hens, some will lay egs and leave them
some will try to set on the eggs, these are your brooders
save the best brooders then the best layers
once you have you base flock dont collect the eggs in late spring
for a couple weeks, youll get a whole new flock for meat
keep track of your hens, after 2 years save a couple hen chicks
to replace the original hens
your original rooster will stay good for several more years
after that buy a few chicks to improve your bloodlines
note: if you play with your chicks the grown birds will be much
friendlier when you collect eggs or go to butcher