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In the past Sam’s Club took an automotive battery for the core when I purchased a marine/deep cycle battery…. but when I went to the Interstate store, I bought the same marine/deep cycle batteries, I had a couple of automotive batteries (not small ones either), they only gave me partial credit for the core charge, they acted put out that I didn’t bring in the same size/type of battery.

I expect Sam’s will do the same as they did before, I’ll call before heading out (it’s a 3 hour drive one way) just to make sure, I don’t want to load them up and lug them across Texas if they will not take them… if they will take an automotive battery for the core great, if they don’t, I’m willing to put out the $100 plus tax for each battery, I will get 4 of them.

My next investment/replacement item is going to be an inverter, I have one that may be going south on me, it’s 7 years old and used on a daily basis, I bought 2 of them before moving out here, I have taken them apart and cleaned them out many times over the years, I’ve also replaced the fans in them, they have been good and reliable all this time. The one I think is going out, randomly shuts the power off for a few seconds, the red fault light comes on while this is happening, it doesn’t matter what is running or not, I’ve seen it happen when NOTHING was plugged up to it. It doesn’t do it all the time, sometimes it’s several times a day, sometimes it goes days without happening, I can’t seem to find a pattern.

I am going to crack it open again, blow the dust out of it, then swap it out with the one that has had less use. I am hoping to get another few years out of it, but if necessary I’ll buy another one.