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Yes, the last 2 batteries on my bank are worn out which is why I am about to buy new batteries, I decided I was tired of putting the money into the cheaper marine deep cycle batteries only to have them not last as long as they should, I am hard on my batteries, but with the 4-6 volt golf cart batteries, these should last me a lot longer.

What you explained, 12voltman, makes sense. I am working on getting to Sam’s soon to get those new batteries, when I have them, then I’ll tweak the settings on my charge controller, I’ll allow the batteries to fully charge, then I’ll hook up the freezer-fridge conversion, I don’t want to run the risk of frying another fridge (if that is what fried it). For now, I only have a few lights and my laptop to run, even on the worn out batteries I can go deep into the night.