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Well, I have been married to an amazing woman, Donna, for the past 22 years and have two very keen kids – Scotty – 22 yrs and Kaytee – 21 yrs.  We are currently residing in Colorado – since last August but have spent the past 12 years living in western Oregon.  I have worn many hats in my lifetime from a cabling contractor for AT&T to a network technician for the Government Printing Office to a Framer of homes to a Landscaper and many in between.  We have been “feeling” the social and economic climate for at least the past 10 years and have been preparing for whatever may come.  We currently live in a city by choice and have a 1/2 acre lot and are looking to expand on that by one more acre.  We feel that if SHTF we will be needed in the city more so than the country.  We realize that many are afraid of what might happen in the city in a SHTF scenario but, after researching social responses to previous collapses and realizing that most often the anger is directed towards those who are seen as being responsible for the situation and seeing how average individuals most normally pulled together to help one another out, we feel confident in the hearts of people when push comes to shove.  I personally have spent years gathering educational and instructional material that people can use to maintain a certain level of comfort as well as lots of other great information on liberating idealogies which, hopefully the future will attest to, bring more balance to our social structure.  These ideas are not new but just obscure to most people.  How many here have ever even heard of a worker’s cooperative or citizen’s dividend?  The progressive off the grid movement is paralleled by many other movements that when tied together can form a beautiful comprehensive social structure that can work well for all of us.  I have more to share but have a meeting that start in about 15 minutes.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!