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Yes. I’ve built many Bedini boost converters and work with Bedini’s early partner Charlie that used to work with him in the 80’s in California. The Bedini radiant pulser hits the battery with 500-700 volt pulses with a duration of about 1-10 uS. This forces the sulfate crystal back into suspension. Unfortunately it also sheds lead from the plates and if it is done repeatedly the battery will be conditioned to only take a charge from that source and standard high current, low voltage chargers will not charge the battery any longer (they usually immediately race up to show a full charge without delivering any current). If you plan on using that type of system for the rest of the batteries life then it’s no problem.

Dr. Peter Lindemann, myself and others have documented this strange anomaly with the Bedini type of chargers. I’m not sure if the system has ever been modified by Bedini to eliminate this reaction but for many people it’s not a problem since they use the Bedini system and never go back to a standard type of charger. It may be possible to use the EDTA system to recondition the battery and make the battery handle a normal charging system again, but I’m not sure. I suppose I can try it and tell you how it works.