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20 years of study and experimentation with battery recovery circuits shows they work, but usually they take weeks or months to fully recover the capacity of a deep cycle battery. I have technology I developed personally that does this in a matter of days using a low frequency pulsing scheme. The only electronic devices that do work are capacitive discharge, or inductive/capacitive discharge. These are large unit the size of a shoe box. The very small ones the size of a cigarette box are inductive/capacitive using an old 1990’s circuit I will post for you if you like and they take many months to recover T105 or L16 sized Trojans.

The additives are epsom salts, Tetrasodium EDTA, Cadmium Sulphate, and sodium hydroxide (Lye). Some of these additives begin to reverse sulphation, but end up falling short in most cases. The only way I have found to work 100 percent of the time is to drain the old electrolyte from the battery, put fresh distilled water back in, and mix TetrasodiumEDTA into the distilled water. I then pulse the battery for 24 hours or until bubbling stops. This eliminates all lead sulphate from the plates and brings the battery back to new capacity. The old method is to use Sodium hydroxide in distilled water, let it sit overnight, then drain and flush with distilled, then install new electrolyte (8:1 water to 99 percent sulfuric acid concentrate). The problem with the old method is you end up with lead plumbates which need to be mixed into concrete or something to lock them into a matrix so they cannot leach into the soil and contaminate aquafers.

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There are other methods we can discuss, some effective, some not so much.