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This discussion is great – I had something similar in mind in the way of wood burning, so keep the posts coming if anyone finds something. I was also thinking it would be good to get a burner that would accept used veg oil too – rather than pouring it away, and not having a converted diesel to use it, wouldn’t it make sense it burn it too? Veg oil has a pretty high calorific value, you’d have a pretty good energy output cheaply if you had a few local restaurant suppliers. Its basically recycled biodiesel – well kind of. Any thoughts on this anyone?

The only thing I would mention about wood burners is – dont buy a pellet one. they’re generally designed for pellets only within fairly stringent limits. Get something that is compact and runs on woodchip. I’m trying to work out how best we can recycle the heat from the flue gases by using a heat exchanger on a modified flue. But that’ll be a complex beast – appropriate for a house (like the zenex gas saver you can get), but im not sure it’ll scale down for a van conversion which is what im working on… anyone tried this?