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In reply to No. 7 (Daveboat), I am not aware of any wood burning stove that will perform all of your requirements. Howeve, you can do a hell of a lot on a basic wood burning stove if you use a bit of ingenuity. If you want to bake in your stove, there are models available (can’t remember the makes and models off the top of my head)

We use our old wood burner for keeping warm, hot water (via a back boiler), boiling a kettle, cooking baked potatoes (directly on top under a cake baking tin), cooking lots of soup. It’s our only source of heat (no central heating here), and our primary source of hot water.

Using a wood burning stove for fuel/ charcoal production seem pointless from my point of view. Charcoal is basically degassified wood, so you’d have to burn something to produce charcoal.

Have you considered a solar water heater for summer use, instead of burning wood? That is the next plan for us this year. It will reduce the amount of wood I burn – and the time sourcing and processing it.