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I have an excellent system. It does everything I designed it for, and more.

I once saw an interesting name for a power system: “Ample Power System”.

I am not selling anything. Obviously, you are. It is more than annoying!

I was only offering “my experience” living with solar power off-grid: the OP asked for.

I only mentioned my 12VDC system is “quiet” because there is no “sizzle” like one has standing near every brand inverter I have been near.

It is also electronically quiet for my amateur radio “building” projects.

I suppose one could make a case about EMF, and other such things, but I won’t.

The batteries are “sealed” from Wagstaff’s, Portland, OR. Nevertheless, I have active ventilation to the outdoors in my closed compartment, where the batteries are.

I understand this is good practice.

I can not think it is “healthy” for the OP to reside in the same space, without at the minimum having a separate place for his batteries, and, active ventilation.

I would not be surprised, if what he proposes violates building codes and fire codes that are “good laws” for a private residence.

I am no “Philadelphia lawyer”. In fact, my family has no lawyers. But we do have several competant and famous engineers.