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@ kennyhendrick if you have quantity 18 6V 210 Amp hour rated batteries and use a 12V system I calculate you have 1890 A-H capacity which is about the size of the systems I often design for. You did not say how far you moved the batteries and what size cables you used. It is possible to calculate the corect size wires for the distances involved. The description you gave makes me think you are attempting to build a ring main system such as is often used in military craft or by power utilities.

Yes there is the potential for problems especially if you do not follow good practices for over current protection. However even if you do use adequate protective fusing I can see potential problems with charging this system that will result in the system suffering premature battery failure. You obviously have a substantial investment in batteries alone so I am wondering why you did not get the system professionally designed in the first place.

@ conieD what makes you say only 12V DC is silent. None of my systems are noisy.

although the comment about batteries should be located in a seperate building most of my designs are for boats wher ther is no option for a separate building. Ther are simple engineered solutions to build a safe battery system inside the living accomodations area.

You can contact me at 2elnav(at) netbistro (dot) com for further details. This forum text window is too limiting for a complete technical answer. I could provide you with calculations for correct wire sizes.