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The bike has a 500W motor. On a flat road the motor uses 200-500W, with peaks of 1200W during stop & go and on steep hills.

More on the bike here:

More on the battery here:

I become interested in electric vehicles about ten years ago and I owned several. I grew up among batteries and cables so it easily became an hobby for me.

Back on topic the main advantages compared to lead batteries are:

* weight and size less than 1/2-1/3 for the same energy “quantity”.

* more efficient.

* unknown cycle life (can be very long if treated properly IMHO)

* can be recharged at 1C (while lead has to be recharged around 1/10C to avoid damage or shorten life)

* no Peukert’s effect.

* Good for the environment as we can recycle most of those cells.


* Need a BMS (battery management system) unless you know how to monitor them (I don’t use one)

* Cannot be dischaged more than 1C or will start to produce heat and get damaged

* Cannot be mistreated (charge/discharge must stay within voltage limit to not damage the cells) this is why a bms is needed

* Time consuming to recover

Other than this I consider this technology safe, as it has been been used for a lot of years in laptop and other electronic devices.

The battery I made suit my bike perfectly but It’s possible to build a battery of virtually any capacity depending on the need.