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Techy Mike

While many people try to get away from all the grids (electric, water, internet) having emergency communications is kinda essential in my opinion.

If you happen to be off-grid in a higher-up location you have a good chance of being able to make a good point-to-point link using directional aerials for both voice and data modes… even as simple as a wifi adapter and a pringles cantenna for example. Directional signals (the narrower the better) and very good at not being detected unless you happen to be in the path of the signal and are a pretty good option for when TSHTF, laser is even better at not being detected easily, but a pain in hot and humid areas due to optical ‘seeing’ where the heat causes the refractive index of the air to change over the path causing the beam to dance around a bit. — it isn’t actually that difficult to go far, just few people have the locations to install equipment or the inclination to try it.