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Mine isn’t so much for emergencies… but I’m planning on setting up a 12ft satellite dish with a Wifi antenna in it.

Then I’m hoping to make friends with or strike a deal with someone living near by that has internet access. I’ll use the dish to connect to their wireless router.

As for the much earlier comment about a 12 foot dish making a hell of a solar tracker… Yeah, it does! I built one :-P

Check my youtube channel (can’t post links) :-/

Though I can tell you right up front that all though it is unbelievably cool, and the most awesome thing that I thing that I have ever built. It’s really just not that useful. Turns out that having a 1400+ deg death beam isn’t that helpful (unless you are setting stuff on fire), and it takes TONS of tech and work to make it happen.

It’s so much easier, cheaper, and 1000 times more practical to just use something simple like black plastic tubing to heat things.

The only possible practical use for it that I can think of is to generate steam. But It was a whole lot easier for me to just design everything else to not need electricity!