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Carrier pigeons or more correctly homing pigeons, are still being bred as a sport. The idea being to determine which pigeon return home the quikest or covers the longest distance.

There is one downside to using pigeons. They only return home so if you want a pigeon to go someplace specific you must bring it with you from its home then release it to return home with a message.

As far as I know these birds have a ‘shelf life’ so if you keep a pigeon in your dove cote long enough it will think this is now its new home.

Chowan if you think CB radio is so great go for it!

When the ultimate disaster hits who knows what happens. Best stay tuned to your local Hollywood movie studio. They seem to have cornered the market on inventing more and more plausible disasters than anyone else.<smile>

By the way when was the first optical medium digital modulated long distance system developed?

Answer. The Roman army had signal fire towers installed from Rome to Londimium around two thousand years ago. It was line of sight (optical) and digital modulated ( light ON light Off ) and the message content was very limited but it did convey information.

Much later but before electricity the French installed semaphore towers that could transmit more complex messages but at a very slow baud rate.< grin>