Off Grid Home Forums Technical Discussion what to do when they cut off communication? Re: what to do when they cut off communication?


I do know something about what needs to be done to “harden” electronics

and the first rule is not to have an antenna plugged in because any that uses

a long antenna is probably going to be toast.and that includes much of the

ham stuff as well.

there is an awfull lot more CB,s sitting around (antennas unplugged) in peoples garages (maybee grounded metal)than there is ham gear.

so much more CB gear will survive.that by the way is logic.

your are right that right after EMP,CME atmospherics are going to be messed

up and that is going to mess with radios but they will clear (we hope)

what we have to use after that for comunications will depend on what has

survived do you think enough ham gear will survive to put a set in every homestead? its unlikely.

more likely the ham operator will become like the imformation hub of a

community kind of like telegraph operators of old.

there may be enough CBs and other uhf sets to get one in every homestead

and a link back to the ham or at least to another station.