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Im not a ham operator but I am familure with many different radio sytems

when i was younger i used to work in the repair and install industy for them.

and i have also had a little military radio expierience

I am NOT trying to say that the 27 meg band is better than ham/amatur frequencies im saying it is a better choice for many people because

they can plug in the power throw up an antenna adjust the volume and squelch

and get 3 to 10 miles on most days.

Im saying its cheaper and im saying they can walk into any truck stop and pick

up the equipment and be using it legally that same day.

They can also be using it comercially unlike amature.

if i was 100 miles from anybody else sure amature would be the way to go

But and im thinking from a preparedness mindset what things may be like

after a EMP or CME there is going to be a lot more operatable CB,s around than

ham units simply because there are more to begin with.

Dang ham operators can get cranky when you mention that CB is a good thing lol