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Chowan how long have you been a ham radio operator?

Or is this coming from a CB user because that is all you are accustomed to?

The reason why CB radio is on 27Mhz is because technically its a shit band with all sort of technical drawbacks.

“so a local radio net of common, short range and simple radios that run off

12 volt is a better plan than more expensive more complicated amature radio”

Your statement quoted above is exactly why CB is not the best choice.

CB radio’s are prone to sun spot activity, e-layer shifts from day to night time and atmospherics such as distant lightning storms. Oh yeah lets not forget skip and ‘sliders’ Thtis enough to really get serious operators ranting.

6 meter equipment is no more expensive than quality CB equipmment. One reason some of the 6 meter equipment is more expensive is because 6 meter FM is so much more versatile so the users tend to load it up with the goodies.

Supply voltage has nothing to do with operations and you can get all the gear in whatever version you want.