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All of the communications and emergency schemes are based on a common concept.

Namely that you are in a localized aree needing help but the world at large is prety much business as usual. In other words they can send help.

But if indeed its a case of global WTSHTF, everybody is going to be in the same quandry and few people will be in a position to send help to anyone else. That is when true self reliance becomes paramount and if you haven’t got it or can’t makee it. you have to do without. All store houses will be of finite capacity. Doesn’t matter if you have six days week or months reserve sooner or later it will run out. Even if you use the Mormon approach of having a 2 year supply of preserved food at some point you will need to know how to begin again. Literally from scratch. You will need food, shelter, and protective clothing. Having all kinds of books stored on DVD is fine as long as you can access the books. The world’s finest computers (brains)still take 15 – 20 years to manufacture (grow) by unskilled labor and program (schooling)

and if the programming code is lost (no books) you still end up with zilch.