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Outback FM80’s and MX60’s are both good controllers. THey are not cheap but they will handle up to 150 vdc open circuit. They have programmable output voltages to match to about any battery.

The FM80 are rated at 80 amps continous on the output side, MX60’s are rated at 60 amps.

I run one array at about 100vdc in and 12 volts out feeding it with 1250 watts of PV. The second array I run at 24vd in and 12 volts out and is just under 1000 watts of PV.

If you use these controllers read the manual closely if you feed themn with over 100VDC in cold tempertures the open circuit voltage will be higher in the winter add snow reflection, etc. One does not want to blow a $500 charge controller.


marshall, IL