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yes! Underground houses were all the rage some 30 – 40 years ago among young architects but somehow the general public never really got on board. Which is not to say the idea was bad just that people are very resistant to change. By coincidence I happened to find an old book published in 1980 dealing with this very topic. It was published by the Rhodale press and the articles written by various staff editors of the Rhodale magazine. Unless you have to blast into solid bedrock the plan may not be that much more expensive. You could opt for a base laid on surface bedrock and then bury the house after construction. I suggest you look into archived architectural books and papers dating back to 1975 – 1985 era and you will find plenty of good results. In fact Finland is an excellent place for such construction. given the climate. Light wells and prisms now help make such housing as bright inside as a surface built house.