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you can do electric tankless. but they are 1500 wats . also require 8gauge even though they are 120. its a project to run a new circit unless you dont mind conduit. another option for electric if you have existing solar thermal is to take a lowboy 6 gal conventional tank switch the single original element with a 12v element. plumb it in to the indirect side of your holding tank and run with glycol as a suplimental source when the sun wont do the trick.

also the new woodfired heatexchangers for hot tubs are claming to heat a hot tob to temp in three hours with kindling. wood is more renuewable then propane.

springtime kudos on the new marathon tanks it seems like there design to be very modular. their new compact exchanger all pre-plumbed with controls lox like a nice unit too. haven’t seen the price yet. i be their proud of it.

cheers g