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Yes, at the time, the twin DR2424 approach was much cheaper than a large sine wave inverter with step up transformer. It was for the huge power surge and use of the 470 ft. deep well pump (220VAC, 1 HP), 120 feet away. Half of the original house system was just for that!! I also used the house power for the addition and Earthship tools like Skilsaw, table saw, cement mixer, big router for trim and cabs, and 22.5 lb. Bosch Demolition Hammer with 5″ compactor face for tire and ground compaction.

I turn off the MSW for the addition with the remote switch when not in use. The Prosine 1000 is used without that MSW on for buzz free amp sound. However my little Puresine 180 does put out some buzz in my Earthship on its Marshall MG15MSZW. I’ll have to refoil its area, but it still hits the lead wire to the three outlets and lights. It was only $80, and the requirements out there do not justify the huge expense of a Prosine. I just play loud, instead.