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Part of that EMI is conducted by the power wiring, not radiated as you supposed. In other words the MSW waveform in the power lines contains enough harmonics that harmonics of the fundaamental frequency is radiated from each power line carrying the MSW power to lights and appliances.

Even chokes will not totally eradicatee it.

The cheap solution is to shut off the MSW power when you want clean sound or else find a buyer for your non sine wave equipment then go buy sinewave inverters to replace them. ( expensive solution)

BTW that twin DR2424 design approach is terribly expensive. Unless you really need a huge surge power for a deep submerged well pump a simpler approach is to use a step up transformer and a soft start module on the water pump.

Franklin the well pump people sell a soft start module for around $175.

The Trace/Xantrex model inverters with a laminated iron core transformer can only handle surges of 2X but the high frequency switch mode like th Prosine can handel surges even greater. When large enough cables are uses and they are short I have measured 3X surges wwithout the inverter shuting down. Right now I find Victron and Mastevolt products superior to Xantrex products.