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Speaking of storing a gas for future energy. I simply cannot understand why we continue to ignore a perfectly good gas that is storabe and burns clean. It is renewable being created from natural organic sources; and is cheap or free to make.

The gas has a chemical formula of CH4 meaning it has 4 hydrogen molecules for every carbon molecule. PE membranes in fuels cells can seperate out the carbon and hydrogen and leaves only a pure carbon residue in a form that can be sequestered or used for carbon based nanotubes.

Also because CH4 is considered a green house gas, trapping this naturally occurring gas as a a fuel is climate beneficial. It is green because it keeps this gas from being released to the atmosphere.

We have had the technology available to convert this gas into heat, light, and vehicular fuel which is naturally created by ordinary organic methods.

This is not something needing more R&D. it is not something we need to wait for. You can go and buy off-the-shelf products right now to use this marvellous gas or to create more of it for free. You can get generators lamps and furnaces and even vehicles designed to run on this marvellous gas.

There are U Tube video clips showing generators, pumps, and vehicles, that use this gas, generated for free.

Are we so besotted by the oil company BS that we can no longer see the forest for the trees?

shame on us all for being so blind!