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Ther is one little fly in the ointment. You said: Having hydrogen is great because you can store it for ever ( apart from leaks :) ) and turn it into electricity or Heat when you need it”

?? storage forever??”

That little bit about apart from leaks has proven to be a major obstacle. Because hydrogen molecules are so small they tend to permeate most materials and leak out. When I was working for a company building controllers for the fuelling machinery for a nuclear reactor we had to leak test it against hydrogen absorption forming explosive gas pockets inside the electrical equipment. We were permitted to use Helium as a test gas because it was non explosive yet had a molecular size close to hydrogen. Therefore similar permeability and leak characteristics.

Hydrogen permeation also cause embrittlement in metal tanks. Until this storage problem is solved you are not going to see low cost, mass producable hydrogen fuel tanks. In the meantime, hydrogen is best stored as a compound that combines hydrogen molecules with something else in order to facilitate leak proof tanks.

Electrical storage has its own problems. The current battery technology is either so expensive or so lossy as to be considered inefficient. The research continues.