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Nick Rosen

Just wondering how did the project go? Was it postponed or completed?

I would always suggest to use a local expert, who knows best what works well in your state. It is especially important to know local codes. As well as, where to get the parts for the projects. Nowadays, internet prices are more competitive than at local supplies.

For example, if you decide to get 1/2″ – 500 ft Pex Tubing with oxygen barrier online it can cost you around $140 –

if you go to local supply it is around $220-260 for the same pex tubing with oxygen barrier.

At the same time, even if you shop online prices may vary on brands. For example, 5″x12″ 50-plate heat exchanger for radiant floor heating you can get for around $1,200 for FlatPlate brand; or you can get Brazetek brand for $400×12-inch.-1-1/4-inch-mnpt-stainless-steel-copper-brazed-plate-heat-exchangers

So, again I would recommend getting a local experienced contractor. Fixing mistakes is usually more costly than doing right way the first time.