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Daniel the number of pipe outlets simply provide more cross section for air flow. It will not change the total amount of heat produced by the fire within the stove. Your guess is more or less correct the heat will seem to seek the fastest way out. In terms of money spent insulation and draft control is the single best expenditure you can make. the best stove in the world will not help if the uninsulated walls let the heat escape. At the opposite end of things insulate the room well enough and you can heat it with candles and a sterno stove. The secret to heating a house “comfortably” lies in how well air circulates within the house. Close the door to one room and it gets freezingly cold in there. Breaking up an interior with lots of walls and doors is a good recipe for discomfort . Multiple pipes alleviated the problem slightly by giving you the hardware attachment points for several pipes leading to various rooms on the floor above the stove. but remember heat rises it does not fall. Open concept homes are easier to get an even heat in all parts of the house.

Worst case is a poorly insulated house wher you feel the need to run a maximum fire constantly. The hot flue gases will heat the chimney pipe and this is what often leads to fires created by radiant heat igniting adjacent surfaces from radiant heat emitted by the chimney. Even if the place is rented spend more money insulating it so you can spend less on a stove and fuel for it.