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I realized you are a DIYer but the questions I asked are so basic that if you do not know the answer then you should not be attempting the project. If you do not know the voltage or current coming out of the generator how will you know what to do with it? If it’s AC you can’t just connect a battery or you will damage it and even if it is DC but too high a voltage then you will still damage the battery. If it is too low nothing will happen and you will become frustrated wondering what didn’t work.

A complete tutorial will run to many pages far exceeding the capacity of this forum text box. There are so many possible tutorials already available on the internet its hard to guide you without knowing what your present level of expertise is. Since you managed to build a generator I assumed you already had some of the fundamentals. The question becomes where do you want to go with the knowledge you already have. Distribution is simply a question of breakers or fuses, some bus bars and switches. As for whether or not you can maybe charge a back up battery. That all depends on what the answers are to my questions. Do you know what voltage and current is coming from the generator. Is it DC or AC?