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Gordos advice is great. A couple of points needs emphasis. Large inverters have more parasotic losses (idling current) than smaller inverters. If you are driving inductive loads such as motors pumps and fans the MSW will consume 20% more energy than sine wave.

I have sometimes recommended to clients to use smaller dedicated inverters for certain regular or steady loads instead of one big unit wher the load ranges from 215% to 90%. Inverter efficiencies vary according to load.

It doesn’t make sense to use a 3kW inverter if the main load is a 400 watt icemaker for example.

On the subject of air conditioning since you have flowing water a marine water cooled air conditioner might be worth while. This is what I spec for boat where the client want air conditioning over night.

DC appliances are exactly what you describe as cheap consumer jumk! They rarely last more than a year and are often more expensive than mains powered products doing the same task. They are usually more difficult to find repair parts for.

By comparison think about power them from a low cost MSW inverter. The appliance is usually readily available especially compared to 12V DC models

We power a small coffee perker from a dedicated inverter. Got the perker froma garage sale and it is 20 years old.