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in-between shifts- so real quick- you won’t have an extra battery just sitting around for emergency. it will sulfate and become useless. you can build your battery bank as large as you would like. however, if its too large the 500 watt array will not satisfy the batteries. so first, 12 volt, 24 volt, 48 volt system. as mentioned previously, i would consider the availability of replacement parts. 12 volt will be most accessible. a morningstar mppt charge controller.

next consideration is pure sinewave or modified. computer= pure sine wave . if you stick with makita battery power tools they will be fine with modified, but craftsman and dewalt require pure sine wave cause they have a diode in the chargers that can’t handle modified sine wave.

the cheapest inverters i have found are with american van. they have a nice selection for the handyman working in remote locations. there items are not a sophisticated as those in the solar industry but the convert the power just fine.

i personally think that getting over 3000 watts ideally 4000 watt inverter gives you the most room to grow. you will need to find out the watts and amps at surge for your ac unit. you may want to go closer to 6000 watt with the ac unit???

so… back to the back up. once you pick a voltage, size of battery bank to mach capability of 500 watt array, you can determine how many batteries you will have in your battery bank. your back up will be a generator. it will provide power and simultaneously charge your battery bank.

if you know someone down there who can look at what ac is sold and get specs thats the next step

you can probably get around the fan for the toilet by

1 extend vent pipe over the peak of roof by about 4-6 ft.

2 put a concentric vent in that will provide fresh air into compost chamber and force gas out. this would require adding a vent hole. 3 or4 in pvc with hub and silicone .

also back to geo thermal cooling. your ground temp at 5-6 ft should be about 70 degrees. that would give almost 20 degrees of cooling

next ac specs.

getting the back up idea???