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i have 500watt array. i leave my computer/router on daily. i have electric fridge. even right now in a hail storm i have 2-3 amps coming in through pv.

1000 watt array would be deluxe.

a mppt charge controler basically will work the system for you. if your battery storage is getting close to full it lowers the charge amps (float cycle) if you turn on a large load it will go back to bulk where the incoming amps will be increased. the simplest may be just a timer on the ac. if you know when your batteries should fill for the day set the timer for after that point . run ac to shut off after sufficient time for cooling / power consumption is where you want it to be.

for the geo thermal anything more then 16 degree difference will produce cooling. the higher the differential between water temp and air temp the more cooling you will get.

load specs for aquaponics pump????

priorities if i get this right

1 aquaponics

2 computer



til next time got go to work