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casey- sorry to disappear on you. so i think your getting it on the solar. again just a reminder. a battery sitting around will not be much of a back up. it needs to be exercised. if you acquire extra batteries just make sure you equalize the whole bank together when you incorporate the additional batteries. equalizing is a controlled over charge that raise the specific gravity of the water( distilled)that acts as electrolyte.

i have a little concern about the pond so close to the structure. water collection can be diverted. anyway guessing that the soil is already very wet and loose make sure its re-enforced/ and lined well. since you into aquaponics i’m sure you ability to control water quality is good. but what about attracting bugs and other living organism’s if this water is to potable??? storing the water on the down hill side of the container.

i think the flyroof is a definite. with a floor vent and strategic placement of upper vents you will get convection cooling. like when the back porch door is open and you enter the front door and then porch door slams shut. also depending on local wind you could construct the roof to create a draft with its shape.. same with the shape of the ground around and under the container for creating draft. on the interior you could put a duct that comes from the floor vent the roof and discharge high. to cool air will sink cooling on the way down. this discharge should not be located near the roof vendor it will just escape.