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After reading your original post I would suggest doingsome review of basic series and parallel circuits. This will answer may of your questions.

Many newcomers to solar power assume 12V is the way to go. Be aware that most of the newer systems use higher voltages such as 24V, or 48V this has to do with efficiency and wire losses. If this sounds confusing add this to your list of homework studies. Sorry but there is no way around this. If you do not understand electricity and the fundamental principles behind it you need to learn before commiting to expensive projects.

Now that grid tie systems are becoming popular you will even find 120V or 247V solar panel arrays being offered. These are intended for direct conversion by special inverters to feed into the grid so you can make a “crap load of money” as you put it. However such installations require some pretty good engineering and workmanship to be accepted by the power utility companies. I saw my first grid tie synchronouse inverter back in 1978. It stood four feet high, weighed in at 250 kbs and had a power capacity was 5 KW. Xantrrex the company I used to work for now makes one that capacity you can fit in a carry all at around 40 lbs. The power levels you intend to work with requires a thorough knowledge of electrical system knowledge and safety practices associated with these systems. For your own sake learn how to do this safely to avoid electrocuting yourself.