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Build your own solar modules? Don’t. It took 40 years for the state of the art to reach the point it is at today, where the encapsulation technology, UV resistant laminates, waterproofing, etc., last for decades. You can buy this state of the art for $1.40/Watt. Build your own for $1.00 a Watt and you’ll replace them annually, since you can’t buy the right stuff to package PV cells into a module that will last in a rooftop environment of -40 to +90C wet/dry.

As for the rest of your questions … a good week-long PV seminar will answer them all. I teach this stuff all over the country but my home-base is a local community college in Colorado where my classes, that sell for $1600 per student elsewhere, cost $98 due to state tuition laws. Look around your area for an intro solar PV design class at a local community college – it will be, by far, the best investment you make – in your own skills and knowledge.