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First, you need to figure out how to reduce your usage. It is cheaper to insulate, weatherize, new windows, new doors, an HRV, energy star appliances, cfl, led, and plasma lighting, and change to conserving habits. Saved kilowatts are always the cheapest option. After this is completed, then one has to analyses the actual needs that are left and all the local regulations, rebates and payback schedules in the local area. Your utilities, local government, state government, and fed if applicable should have that information. A contractor that does this type of work should be able to give you the information as part of a bid. This is where you need to get to before considering what you should do next. You can build panels for about $1 a watt if you scrounge and are resourceful. You can find free old patio doors to use as the glass and frames. You can buy brand new panels starting at about $1.40 a watt. Note that you must consider space requirements, mounting conditions, solar aptitude of the location, type of roof, and other factors before you can determine the type of panels that are appropriate. The rest of system costs can run from 1 to 5 dollars a watt depending on all of the above and a few other considerations. So what is it that you are trying to do?