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Here I go, about to dump more cold water on ya Lampshade, sorry… I have heard about those who want to have a solar farm on their house to sell excess back to the electric company and get checks from them…

First issue, depending on what state you live in, your electric company might not pay you for the excess, only giving you credit on your bill, AND of those who would do that, they pay/credit you the wholesale price, not the retail price you pay them per kilowatt hour.

Next issue, to be grid tied, I doubt the electric company would allow anything that wasn’t commercially built, UL certified and installed by a licensed electrician to be connected to their grid. That’s for safety purposes.

People think they can make their meter spin backwards and get paid, nope. IF you live in a state where you could get a check or credit from the electric company, they require a separate meter to determine how much you are pumping back into the grid, you would be charged for this separate meter.

Each state is going to have different rules and regulations about these things, it’s up to you to research and learn what you can do in your location.

Good luck, not trying to stop you from living your dream, if this is what you really want to do, then do what it takes to live your dream, don’t take no for an answer, even if that means moving to another place with fewer regulations about what you want to do, that’s what my hubby and I did. Bill is right too, take some classes if you can, the more you can do for yourself, the better off you will be and the cheaper it will be for you in the long run.