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If you are looking for semi long distance buy a router that can add sim cards to it and add two 9db antennas to it. using this method you should get great reception

this is a similar model to what you need :

One antenna is wifi two for comms tower. Adding the antennas means you can place them on your roof (make sure they have magnetic base and possibly fiberglass coated if dealing with harsh weather.

something like this :|460101||factory|item||4|LHQ

or more heavy duty

anyway just so you know. When I was working on a mountain we had a base a few k down right in a forest. with the 3g router and 2 9db omnidirectional antennas we were able to connect to the main base at the top via a vpn and use all the services at near full speed. the conditions were freezing and included lots of snow. and heavy cloudy weather. worth looking into as you only need to 12v for the router and it will give great signal, the Huawei USB modems can also attach upto 11db antennas i think and might be another good option