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Earthfirst here is some mention of what my boating buddies use:

If you want to connect to a router to have multiple computers connected

to a WiFi hot-spot, I think the Ubiquiit Bullet based systems are better

because they not only have a powerful radio, but connect to ethernet

instead of USB. This can then be connected to most any computer or any

router. I have used mine with linksys and netgear wifi routers to set up

a network just like I have at home with DSL. Use POE (power over

ethernet) and you just have the one ethernet cable going outside (if you

want, it works great inside almost all the time). and are highly recommended complete

solutions. I just bought the Bullet 2HP and Ubiquiti POE on ebay and

attached an 8db antenna.

There was a big thread about this on regarding the rogue wave

(more expensive) unit a while back at

If you want to have both options of cellular data and wifi a cradlepoint

router is a good solution. The bullet can connect to the cradlepoint

hotspot so the computers always connect to the bullet if you want.