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And as far as blowing air underground for cooling/heating I’d consider using metal culvert. I think the corrugated design would make heat transfer more efficient. Though I have heard of using sewer pipe for this as well.

On a side note I once visited a cave in Northern Arkansas USA. This cave was called Zack Blowing cave because if always blew air out its entrance. Some clever folks in the 1800s who wanted to cool and heat their store (supplies and outfitting I assume) ran a cast iron pipe of about 1.5 feet in diameter from the store into the cave as a duct. They walled up the cave with stone a few hundred feet in as to concentrate the blowing air into the pipe. They cemented around the pipe to protect it from rusting I guess. And the front of the cave served as cold storage I guess. There was a concrete frame and wooden door on the front of the cave. This cave was fairly large with a good sized stream and 1000’s of feet of passage if not much more that human’s couldn’t get too.