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There’s at least one company – Fourstones Ltd – in Canada that’s bringing them in. I understand there is also someone in the US but the Fourstones people say they can also sell into the US market.

In Europe the manufacturer has about 10,000 units in the field – many of them in RVs as well as a number in military (they have a “wearable” unit as well as some larger units)

I’m impressed – the unit I have is sitting in my downstairs rec-room quietly keeping the battery charged (gives off a bit of CO2, heat and water which currently is going into a glass sitting on the floor) as I get it wired up to install with the cameras etc. (just picked up RAM and CF for the PC-104 computer that will control it all – a little Intel Atom based machine that draws max 8Watts – cute)

As long as I can keep the overall draw for this application below the 5Amps average – which in my case is 2 cameras, a wireless radio and the above noted CPU – I’m fine. We’ll have some LED infrared lights I can control with the CPU that might bring the draw above the 5Amps for a bit but overall it should average about 3-4 Amps. The cameras draw more when we move their Pan/Tilt/Zoom – but that’s not often so again, I’m not worried – that’s what the battery is for (this one has a 75AH gel-cell)

I’ll let you know how things go – or you can watch my posts to the HWF site.