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Here in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, wind is a very viable and efficient energy source. Basically, this is short an exceptionally windy part of the planet. My city obtains about 2% of it’s power from a wind farm that the city itself owns. Other, much smaller cities in our area get even more of there power from wind. There are tiny towns in Wyoming that are powered entirely by one single giant wind turbine, the wind is that reliable (they do have grid backup, of course).

I think it all depends on where you live and what makes sense. Since my background is in nuclear engineering, I’m incredibly biased towards that technology for meeting baseline demand, and believe that wind, solar, tidal, and geothermal all have there place in the areas of the planet that are capable of harnessing such sources reliably. I love nuclear because it creates zero emissions. Yes, it creates a nasty byproduct, but it’s a waste product that exists in solid, contained form, not escaping liquid or gaseous form.

/soapbox :)