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A friend whose system i work on has exactly that situation. Wind, solar, and about a 4KWH battery bank system. The inverter I got for them is the Exeltech XP1100. I got it on a recommendation over in the Arizona Wind & Sun solar forms. Its a true sine-wave inverter and is probably overkill for that application (they could probably easily use the XP600 which is the half-size version of the XP1100).

They had had a couple of “cheap” inverters beforehand and they kept dying. You get what you pay for. The Exeltech is also used for medical equipment (becuase its true sine wave you can operate anything within its power rating off it).

Make sure you use sufficient wire guage to your batteries (at 1100, its drawing 80 amps or so. That means *big* wire, like #4 or #2). In this particular case, its hooked up with #6 but its a really short run. Probably sufficient since all their electrical loads are < 50 amps @ 12 volts into the inverter.