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ive been runing outback(charge controler/inverter/ and transformer) 24volt system (4/trojan l16). typically this would be about 4500 plus batts. i was able to piece it all together 2000 bucks. i really have alot of confidence in outback. i though something was weird with the charge controler. when i told them what it was doing he said ill just send you a new one whats you address. never aske age how long it was installed serial. pretty kool. then to my surprise they upgraded me from mx 60 to mx 80. return postage lables inside . they were pros . when im looking for used gear i never see outback. its always aims and xantrex hmmmmm wonder why people pulled it off the wall???/ their inverters are also availible in marine grade.

there is also a company called Van America they have great deals on 4000watt sine wave inverters.

i blew up a go pro 2500 watt in a couple of weeks they wouldnt do anything to help out.

my 2 cents.

p.s. i’d take the sailboat option