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hi i think you may be overstating the amp hours of the battery bank

96000 sounds way to high.

elnav may be able to chime in but if it were me the first thing i would do would be to bring the system up to full charge that will probably mean running your generator for a while to get it up fully.most likely you have been running at a low charge rate for a long time only running the generator

to top up most likely never to full charge.

if you have been running low for a long time you may have a battery sulphite problem do a search for the cure to cure is low tech and probably

not the best idea for a learner but i also dont think you need to pay out the big buck for a battery desulphite gadget.

so you need to research learn and decide what is best for you

what is the amp hour rating of each cell? because this is the rating of your

whole system.(because its a series system) i could not imagine the size of a cell to provide 96000 amp hours