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I had a 3 year at least premature dead cell, replaced that battery and then a month later more, then more until all 8 were replaced 3 years early, when the desulfator hype said it was supposed to double battery life. The American Battery company experts told me the desulfators did it with their constant frequency bombardment, and well charged systems didn’t need them.

The original author better get to reading on batteries and how to set up banks and the proper solar charging. There are lots of handy books like the Independent Home and newer ones. One bad battery or cell can do damage to others. The desulfators are bunk. Too low of a charge controller can over heat even though within its supposed range of operation. Batteries must be checked and maintained at least monthly, generally, for wet cells. You need a hydrometer for checking them and it is handy to have a multimeter. Plus the right wrenches with electrical tape handles to protect from accidents.

It is not that difficult in theory. + is red and – is black and don’t touch them together. With battery banks it is + to + to keep the same voltage and + to – to increase it. Read the books, look at their bank diagrams, and follow their safety procedures. Be quick, because one battery removed changes the voltage to lower and puts more stress on the rest.