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my thoughts…..i know with my small battery bank 360 amp hours. (4 l16/24 volt) even when they where new and i eq’ed them it took roughly 16 hours. call the battery manufacture for a eq voltage. it may also be a good time to select the best batteries at this moment and reduce the bank size(as enlav suggests) this way you can do it through the solar array and charge controller. if you want to use an inverter/ with a gen set to eq you may need an accessory control modual. for example with outback inverters the mate will perform this.. talk with tech support of your inverter manufacture. take the rest of the batteries to a location with grid service add a desulfator and try to revive the remaining batteries(maybe 6 months if you do it slow and proper.)

either way it will cost you in time or money.

once you get pack to par you should do gravity test regularly. maybe every week for starts to see how the batteries are holding up. then ideally about once a month.

cheers g