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Are you saying the average voltage is 1.1V or the specific gravity reading is 1.1?

Either case indicates way too low a reading indicating severe sulfation problems.

I have rejuvenated batteries that have been left unused for two years and showed low readings but never ones with such high capacity.

The issue with sulfation is you need to not only deliver a voltage sufficiently high but also at a charging current that brings up the plates to a usable level.

For two volt individual cells this requires a power source where you can adjust the voltage and current independently while monitoring the internal battery temperature. I speak from hard learned experience trying to salvage battery packs from telecom installations. Yes it can be done but preferably using lab grade adjustable power supplies and grid power so you can run tests continuously. Sometimes you need to be able to run the charge equalization cycle for several days at low currents. The voltage typically has to be adjusted every few hours.