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i believe it could work and have been thinking about it myself not realy because of the cost but because i want something i will never have to replace

and less maintainance dependent.

i heard that old submarine batteries could be charged in reverse and this actually extended there lifespan.

basically modern lead acid are made more efficiently IE thinner multiple plates

for better crank amps and amp hour performance.

but larger thicker plates with greater seperation should still work well if size and raw material cost are not an issue.

there are some old do it yourself plans around popular mechanics publications

put some plans out early last century which are still available if you look.

id love to discuss and help with this idea because it is something i want to do

but i dont think it will be a money saving idea unless you have a cheap source

of large quantities of lead.but i do think i could make a battery to last 20 years maybee more