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Hi Guys, – Thanks all all the interest so far. I can’t find fault with anything you’re saying. Certainly melting and casting lead is potentially VERY DANGEROUS, combining the hazards of molten metals, with risk of explosion if any water makes contact with the melt – to the serious risks of ‘lead poisoning’ from the vapours. – However the whole process CAN be done safely if sensible precautions are maintained .. protective clothing, eyewear, and good ventilation, all followed by careful hand washing etc afterwards. It can be done .. I too am a shooter and have done projectile casting, and as a SCUBA diver I have cast lead weights for the weight belts.

– And so far I’ve not restated the hazards of working with SULPHURIC ACID ! .. funny enough, one danger with the acid is from contact with water again, in both cases just a drop of sweat dropping into a container can cause explosion of the contents !

– But, the topic continues to be a possible, as face it, someone somewhere is already doing it all for our benefit. Cheers, Martin K

PS. I’ve found and bought a copy of THE BATTERY BUILDERS GUIDE by Phillip Hurley on the web, and am currently reading it – so far seems helpful. Martyk