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In this article I talk about making your own ceramic battery cases and making your own plates using a jewelers roller mill. This would give you 5″ wide plates.

Commercial plates are made in waffle or screen like patterns to increase surface area. Would be difficult to do at home, if not impossible.

I also talk about sources for acid. Actually it would easier to come up with a base using wood ash for nickle iron batteries.

Recycling acid from used batteries might be a good option. Sulfuric acid might not be the only acid that one could use, I don’t know.

Batteries in the early 1900s for home use came in square clear glass cases. Similar to the glass that coke bottles were made from.

If using ceramics of course you would need some kind of glass like coating fired on it. This is typical for ceramics anyway.

Whatever you do please takes some photo’s and share your discoveries with the rest of us.